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That's Why We Choose WordPressDiscover The Top 6 Reasons

Most popular content management system (CMS)

WordPress powers nearly 43% of the world’s websites! That’s a really huge number.

WordPress sites rank higher in Google

WordPress is constantly being updated and icludes lots of tools for optimizing content for SEO.

WordPress sites are mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness is one of Google’s most important ranking factors. That being said, websites need to look good on any device.

Updating content has never been so simple before

User-friendly dashboard to easily change texts, products, and images in just few clicks.

Suitable for all types of businesses

WordPress core package comes with a great variety of tools to cover every company’s requirements.

WordPress communities worldwide

WordPress-loving communities around the world make frequent changes to keep WordPress always up to date and secure.

The World’s Most Popular PlatformWordPress Market Share

WordPress stands as the undisputed leader in the realm of content management systems (CMS), commanding an impressive market share.

Powering over 43% of all websites on the internet, its usage statistics underscore its unparalleled versatility and reliability. Its extensive library of tools provides limitless customization possibilities, making it the go-to choice for those seeking a robust and scalable solution.

At Go Functional, we harness that spoken unmatched power of WordPress to elevate your online presence and bring your digital vision to life.

The diagram above shows the percentages of websites using various content management systems (Top10). Source of data with the full list can be found at: