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PT FOR HEROES is a national outreach program initiative by Hands-On Diagnostics (HODS). PT FOR HEROES was created to help all US healthcare professional heroes on the front lines of COVID-19, plus their families with vital, free Telehealth Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Pathology services.

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Our Approach to PT FOR HEROES

Hands-On Diagnostics turned to Go Functional to create its non-profit website that offers FREE Essential TeleHealth PT, OT, and SLP to Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Professionals & their families on the Front Lines of COVID-19. Healthcare Professionals can request an appointment from the practices (over 150) participating in the program. All appointments are being processed by a well-organized system that gives results based on the US States that the Healthcare Professionals submitted upon their requests. Go Functional created all visual designs and developed a comprehensive and informational website with rich video, image, and press gallery, and a strong user experience across all devices.