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About HODS Approved Diagnostic Centers

Most physical therapists use the traditional model of physical therapy that includes an initial evaluation and treatments based on the initial evaluation findings. The HODS Approved Physical Therapy Diagnostic Centers use a New Advanced Model of physical therapy that offers 62% better patient management! This new model incorporates appropriate muscle, joint and nerve testing that provide information about the true cause of your problem. The HODS Approved Diagnostic Physical Therapists utilize not only a physical examination but also Advanced Diagnostic Testing Technologies to identify the root of your problem and treat you in the most efficient way.

Our Approach to HODS Approved Diagnostic Centers

Hands-On Diagnostics turned to Go Functional to create its new website that presents HODS Advanced Diagnostic Network in all across the US and informs patients and doctors about its Advanced Diagnostic Testing technologies that all partners in it offer. Go Functional built a dynamic Search Map App from where all website visitors are able to locate the nearest HODS Approved Diagnostic Centers by entering their postal code or address. Go Functional created the visual design and developed a powerful corporate website with a strong user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

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