Gre Jewelry

B2C Ecommerce Website

About Gre Jewelry

Gre is a Greek handcrafted jewelry brand created by two very good friends and co-workers Dimitra Manoura and Sophia Lagou. In 2021, they succeeded in realizing their dream. Combining their unique techniques in jewelry making and craftsmanship they accomplished creating this e-shop that will act as a portal of their creations to the world. The exhibits are handmade jewelry for women inspired by everyday life, nature, and culture.

Our Approach to Gre Jewelry

Gre Jewelry turned to Go Functional to create its new e-commerce website that delivers unique handmade jewelry pieces for women all over the world. Go Functional created the visual design and developed a modern and posh e-shop with a strong user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

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