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About Ahillia.gr

In ancient times, some plants regarded them as sacred for their healing properties. No one was looking to find out why and how they acted, but this was an undeniable fact and it seemed magical. It is truly amazing how a leaf, flower or root can heal, or at least offer some relief to an illness or an organic disorder. Ahillia.gr with respect to nature and the environment ensures to exploit all plants’ properties in a natural way. That is why all of its products are 100% natural and based on Greek traditional recipes of many years. In Ahillia’s online shop, you will find products like ointments with bee wax and herbs, shampoos with herbs, greek traditional sweets, herbal mixtures for beverages, herbal oils, and much more.

Our Approach to Ahillia.gr

Ahillia.gr turned to Go Functional to create its new e-commerce website that delivers Greek traditional products all across the world. Go Functional created the visual design and developed a fresh and tasty e-shop with a strong user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

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