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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is it important to request my free quote before ordering?

    Because we can discuss the availability, cost, and delivery time of your project. Every job is different and needs a specific amount of time, dedication, and commitment so, kindly request your quote before ordering.

    I like some websites very much, can you create something similar?

    Well, we can answer this question more precisely after checking these websites. You are highly welcome to share your ideas and thoughts in the “Message” field of our free quote form, thank you.

    What content do I have to provide you before we start?

    Initially, a briefing of your business will help us create a customized and unique website plan for you. Furthermore, we will need your logo, texts, and images.

    I do not have any texts at the moment. What should I do?

    No problem, we will place dummy texts for you in order to start working on your website. Then, when you are ready, you will send us the texts and we will upload them to the corresponding parts of your website.

    I do not have any images at the moment. What should I do?

    No problem again. We can look for suitable images and purchase up to 15-20 for an extra small fee.

    Do you offer SEO services?

    Absolutely yes! All of our websites are SEO optimized.

    Do you offer maintenance services?

    Yes! For an added low-cost monthly fee, we will provide continued support and maintenance for your website. For more information, kindly contact us.

    Will my website be mobile responsive?

    Absolutely yes! All of our websites are mobile responsive.

    Will I own the rights of my website after completion?

    Yes, 100%! Once completed, you will own your entire website, code and everything else included. We do offer a super-fast hosting service to all our clients so you can choose to stay with us or we can quickly upload your website to a place of your choice.

    Will I be able to easily edit my website in the future?

    Of course, that would be really easy for you. All of our websites come with WordPress, the most powerful but simple Content Management System. You will be able to quickly edit or update your texts, products, and images in just a few clicks. No technical knowledge is required!

    Where can I find previous work of yours?

    You are more than welcome to visit our portfolio page and review all of our work.